Multiple Teams · Athletics: EVENTLINK Student-Athlete Registration

The Silver Creek Athletic Department will now be using Eventlink to not only schedule athletic contests and and officials, but also to organize student-athlete physical information and parent/guardian waivers and signatures. Each parent/guardian of a Silver Creek student-athlete will need to create an account, and add their student by following the steps below. Eventlink will be replacing Final Forms and all the facets that were associated with it. Parents and student-athletes will now have the most up to date scheduling information, as changes are made. With  Eventlink Registration Schools have a lot of paperwork to keep track of. With the option to create custom forms and collect payments digitally, Eventlink Registrations makes managing information easy and simple — whether it’s for a club, sport, class, or entire school.


  1. Go to, and click the create account button near the top
  2. Add School(s) (Both Silver Creek High School and Middle School will be using Eventlink)
  3. Add Notification Contact Points
  4. Add calendars
    1. Click My Calendars
    2. Click Manage My Calendars


  1. Click the Eventlink Registrations Tab
  2. Add your Student
  3. Select the Item You Wish to Complete
  4. Choose Which Student You Are Registering
  5. Complete the entire form and submit. All
    required fields must be completed before
    you can submit.
  6. After the form is submitted, you can view
    your forms in “My Forms.”


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