Boys Varsity Football · Football: Ticket Sales for Friday’s Game Against Scottsburg

Ticket’s for Friday’s game against Scottsburg will be on sale at the south gate for Wednesday night’s boys soccer match from 6-8. Ticket’s are $5

Fans are also reminded of the following:

  1. Per Health Department direction, the football game will be limited to 750 attendees divided into 3 sections of 250. (Visitors, Home North, and Home South)
  2. Scottsburg HS will be given 250 tickets. (1-20 will be comp tickets)
  3. Each football player, football coach, cheerleader, and cheer coach will have the opportunity to purchase 4 tickets. If tickets are not purchased before 6 PM on Wednesday September 16, 2020 they will go back into the general admission pool.
  4. General admission tickets will be on sale form 6-8 PM at Silver Creek High School on Wednesday September 16, 2020.(At the South Gate of the Football/Soccer Field)
  5. Fans should enter the gate that matches with the color of their ticket – Orange tickets enter South Gate(Nearest the Middle School), Blue Tickets enter North Gate(nearest the Aux Gym), Green/Visitor Tickets enter the north side of the stadium(nearest the Baseball field)
  6. We will NOT have a sign in sheet of any kind.

In Addition

  1. Any person attending the game must wear a mask and practice social distancing.
  2. All attendees must remain within their section. All sections will include portable restrooms, hand washing stations, hand sanitizing stations, and concessions.
  3. We encourage attendees to bring lawn chairs to increase social distance
  4. Restroom lines and concession stand lines must keep a minimum of 6 ft apart.
  5. No pass outs.
  6. Gates will open at 6 PM, kickoff at 7 PM.
  7. Admission ticket is $5.
  8. No Outside Food or Drinks will be allowed into the stadium on the night of the game.