Girls Varsity Tennis · Girls Tennis: Lady Dragons Oust Henryville; Yost Sister Showdown

SELLERSBURG — Sisters faced off on the tennis court Friday.

Well, not literally but close — when Silver Creek hosted Henryville.

That’s because Chloie Yost, one half of the Dragons’ No. 1 doubles team, and Silver Creek took on the Hornets, who are coached by her older sister, Cayeleigh Wilson.

“Whoever wins ends up holding it over the other person’s head,” Yost, a senior, said before the match began.

Added Wilson: “We always send each other gameday face pictures. We get fired up about it. We talk about it for weeks to come.”

The sisters are separated in age by 10 years — Wilson is 28, Yost is 18 — but share a love of the racket sport.

“We really both enjoy tennis,” said Wilson, who is in her fourth year as the Hornets coach. “We’re a tennis family. It’s something that we were able to bond over and I was able to share with her when she was little. It was just really nice to grow up having somebody to always play with.”

Growing up, Yost looked up to her older sister, a 2008 Silver Creek graduate who played No. 2 doubles for the Dragons.

“When I was born she was 10, so when she was in high school playing tennis I was little,” Yost said. “I went and watched all of her matches, so then that made me want to start and pick up a racket.”

When she did, it was love at first ground stroke.

“She is more aggressive than I was, I think, at the baseline,” Wilson said. “Me at the net, I was a lot more aggressive than her, but her fundamentals far exceed my fundamentals. She got lessons from when she was really tiny, whereas I didn’t really start until the sixth grade or seventh grade.”

While the sisters’ playing styles may differ, they both are very competitive.

“I’ll still fall for a ball to beat her,” Wilson said. “I still go out and give it my all just so I can’t say I lost to my sister.”

The past, present and future of Yost tennis players were in attendance at Friday’s match. As Danny and Teresa Yost, the girls’ parents, doted on their grandson, Emmitt, Wilson’s 7-month-old son.

“My husband [Zac, a football coach at Silver Creek] says our son will play football, but we will see,” Wilson said. “I’d like to see him try both.”

As for the last time the sisters faced off, it’s been a couple of years.

“Last year I was pregnant so we didn’t play an actual match, so it was probably the fall before that,” Wilson said. “I think I won 7-5. We only played one set.”

Friday, Yost exacted some revenge as she and her partner, Zoie Zimmerman, won 6-2, 7-6 (7-0) — to remain unbeaten on the season — in the Dragons’ 4-1 win.


   Singles: Anna Graves (S) d. Cameron Kearney (H) 6-2 6-3; Kayla Hedrick (H) d. Faith Weitzel (S) 6-1 6-0; Naty Segovia (S) d. Kelsey Stoughton (H) 6-4 6-2.

   Doubles: Chloie Yost-Zoie Zimmerman (S) d. Hannah Guernsey-Paige Brandenburg (H) 6-2 7-6 (7-0); Madison Vallin-Mady Hawkins (S) d. Kenzie Rappe-Ally Gardner (H) 6-2 6-3.