Multiple Teams · Athletes of the Week: 10/22-10/28/2017

Kiersten Cooper, 11th – Volleyball


Jacob Garrett, 12th – Football


Favorite subject at school?

KC: some sort of Math

JG: Anything Math related

Favorite college team?

KC: Louisville Cardinals

JG: Southern Illinois Salukis

Favorite professional team?

KC: Indianapolis Colts

JG: New England Patriots

Favorite athlete to watch?

KC: Lamar Jackson

JG: Russell Westbrook

Favorite movie?

KC: Forest Gump

JG: Stand By Me

Favorite TV show?

KC: Friends

JG: How I Met Your Mother

Favorite food?

KC: steak

JG: pasta/spaghetti

Favorite restaurant?

KC: Longhorn Steakhouse

JG: Red Lobster

How did you start playing volleyball/football?

KC: When I moved to Silver Creek in 5th grade they didn’t have volleyball in elementary, so when 6th grade rolled around I played every sport there was. By 8th grade I chose to just play volleyball.

JG: I heard all of my dad’s stories about playing when he was young, and I wanted to play after hearing that.

Do you play any other sports?

KC: No

JG: I play basketball as well.

Favorite part about playing volleyball/football at Silver Creek?

KC: I like the competitive environment and the big crowds of fans cheering us on, but the best is I get to experience all that with my best friends. 

JG: I love playing with the people I have grown up with my whole life, playing for Coach Dablow, and playing for the whole town and representing the Dragons.

What do you hope to gain from playing volleyball at Silver Creek?

KC: I hope to gain leadership and communication skill so I can use them in college.

JG: I hope to gain lifelong lessons, friendships, and memories from paying football at Silver Creek.

What’s your go-to pregame food?

KC: Scooby Snacks and Blue Gatorade

JG: Subway

Who’s on your pregame music playlist?

KC: Lil Uzi Vert, Justin Bieber, Travis Scott, 21 Savage, High School Musical

JG: AC/DC, Queen, etc.

Why do you wear number 11/12

KC: Because my mom wore that number in high school.

JG: I’m not really sure, I just picked it and it stuck.

How do you enjoy your free time from school and volleyball/football?

KC: I like to go to football games on Friday nights with my friends, and I will walk around festivals with my family if there are any. 

JG: I enjoy hanging out with friends and playing video games in my free time.

Where do you hope to go to college, and what do you plan to study?

KC: I’m going to Wright State University to continue my volleyball career and I plan to get my bachelors in nursing there as well.

JG: I hope to go to Southern Illinois and to study business.

What’s your dream job and why?

KC: My dream job would be going into a super high level of nursing and taking care of people because I will get to help people who are in need.

JG: To play in the NFL, because I love football so much.

Who inspires you most in life?

KC: My parents inspire me. My mother has the kindest heart and is always putting others before herself, and my father is very responsible and knowledgeable about life. 

JG: My dad inspires me most in life.

If you could pick any place in the world to love, where would you choose?

KC: Hawaii, because I love the warm weather and ocean views.

JG: Hawaii or London, England