Multiple Teams · Players of the Week: 10/16-10/21/2017

Nick Meriwether 12th, Soccer 


Sydni Sorg 11th, Golf


Favorite subject in school?

NM: History

SS: Biomedical Science

Favorite college team?

NM: Indiana Univesity

SS: n/a

Favorite professional team? 

NM: Denver Broncos

SS: n/a

Favorite athlete to watch?

NM: Larry Bird

SS: Rory McIlroy

Favorite movie?

NM: Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back

SS: n/a

Favorite TV show?

NM: Psych

SS: The Bachelor/Bold Type

Favorite food?

NM: enchiladas 

SS: macaroni and cheese wedges from Cluckers

Favorite restaurant?

NM: Puerto Vallarta

SS: Star Sushi

How did you start playing soccer/golf?

NM: I started playing in rec. leagues when I was 3 years old, and I’ve been playing everr since. 

SS: I started playing when I joined an organization to help children learn the sport no matter their financial situation. I helped out as a coach/babysitter and started to practice on my own time. 

Do you play any other sports?

NM: I dabble in Ultimate Frisbee

SS: No

Favorite part about playing soccer/golf at Silver Creek?

NM: The coaches are “chilly” and I get to play a game I love with my brothers for 2-3 months.

SS: Golf is relaxed, and I don’t feel pressured to get the lowest score. It is more fun because I can focus on doing the best I can do and having fun, instead of stressing about what will happen if I play badly.

What do you hope to gain from playing soccer/golf at Silver Creek?

NM: I hope to develop my skills as a player and a leader, as well as build relationships with my teammates. 

SS: I hope that golf continues to allow me to meet new people and form bons that will last after high school.

What’s your go-to pregame food?

NM: pasta

SS: Fettuccine Alfredo 

Who’s on your pregame music playlist?

NM: Trip Lee, Social Club Misfits, Skillet

SS: Rihanna, Cage the Elephant

Why do you wear Number 13?

NM: Tre Gonzalez is 12, and we’ve played together all four years.

How do you enjoy your free time from school and your sport?

NM: I am an apprentice at Northside Christian Church, and I volunteer with an urban ministry as well. Also, I am a member of the Model UN and Academic Bowl teams.

SS: I enjoy spending time driving around with friends and going hiking at the state forestry in Charlestown. 

Where do you hope to go to college and what do you want to study?

NM: I want to go to either Johnson University or Ozark Christian College and major in preaching ministry.

SS: After high school, I hope to go to Purdue University and study pharmacy.

What’s your dream job and why?

NM: I want to be a minister because it has been a calling all of my life and God has equipped me for it. 

SS: I want to be a pharmacist because it seems the most interesting and makes a good salary.

Who inspires you most in life? 

NM: The ministers I work with and who push me to develop my character, as well as the people I influence by seeing them develop. 

SS: My father because he has taught me to always stay positive in golf as well as in life. He says, “Golf is a mental sport. Don’t give up.”

If you could pick any place in the world to live, where would you choose?

NM: The United States of America

SS: Chicago